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Dead Couch Tour Sticker 2-Pack

Dead Couch Tour Sticker 2-Pack

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Show your love for the streams, even if you can't be there in person. Each 2-pack comes with two (2) Dead-style couch stickers. These are super glossy and awesome.

2.9" x 1.5", printed on Transparent sticker material. 

* Orders containing only stickers (under 1oz total weight) can be shipped for free if the “Free Shipping” option is available and chosen. Those will be sent in a standard letter-sized envelope without tracking and is at the mercy of the USPS. Please only reach out to me if the letter hasn’t arrived in a reasonable amount of time from when you receive your fulfillment email. *

** Please allow up to two weeks for fulfillment. I'm usually good about getting orders out the door within a week from the shop closing, but I'm one dude and sometimes things come up. **